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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

forex forecast history 21 june 2005

forex forecast

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The 24-hrs forecast based trend chart gives the expected trend for day during the three different sessions -Japanese, European and US.

Intra-day forecast (USD / JPY - 21st Jun)
USD will become strong against other majors. USD/JPY will become strong - Long Term upward Trend Phase.
Early trading Hrs, USD/JPY will be very firm and volatility expected, will become firm during late GMT trading Hrs. USD/JPY shows support at 107.72 closing will be firm.

spot- trade- clues
Sell USD/JPY during 01:00-02:00 GMT trading Hrs above 109.41 level and buy USD/JPY during 23:00-24:00 GMT trading below 107.72 level

Trade Signal - Trend and Timings
Trend for the day: Downward till GMT 11:30 Hrs and further downward till day end with intermediary swing of 20-40 Pips

Buy/Sell Time level/limit Stop
Sell 01:30 PM 22-26 pips above
Buy 07:30 PM
Sell 09:00 PM 22-26 pips above
Buy 14:00 PM
Sell 15:30 PM 22-26 pips above
Buy 23:30 PM
Time - GMT Hrs , PM- Prevailing Market


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