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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Intra-day forecast(USD/CHF - 12th Sep)

USD will become strong against other majors. USD/CHF will gradually become strong - Long term upward phase.
Early trading Hrs, USD/CHF will be weak and volatility expected, will become moderate during late GMT trading Hrs. USD/CHF shows support at 1.2427 closing will be moderate.

spot- trade- clues
Buy USD/CHF during 01:00-02:00 GMT trading Hrs below 1.2427 level and sell USD/CHF during 22:00-23:00 GMT trading Hrs above 1.2661 level

Trade Signal - Trend and Timings
Trend for the day: Upward till GMT 13:30 Hrs and further upward till day end with intermediary swing of 40-50 Pips
Buy/Sell Time level/limit Stop Buy 01:30 PM 22-26 pips below Sell 07:30 PM Buy 08:30 PM 22-26 pips below Sell 15:30 PM Buy 15:30 PM 22-26 pips below Sell 21:30 PM Time - GMT Hrs , PM- Prevailing Market