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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Forex forecast for USD/CHF 8 Jun 05

Intra-day Forecast

Reading daily forecast trend charts

Our forecast are pertaining to the strength or weakness of other currencies against USD. Since the currencies are traded 24hrs in different parts of the world. Our forecast trend charts are presented for Intra-day - 24hrs duration of a given day starting at International date - line. You can use this trend chart to read intra-day trend, trend reversal and timings to go long or short. For your easy understanding forecast commends to do session specific spot trades. You can follow frequently updated STA - Smart Trade Alerts for the buy or sell levels and direction of trade.

STA live updates give alert messages with sound. Exclusive members are entitled to view intra-day forecast of all displayed currencies to do swing or spot trades. Dealer and Privilege members get position trading forecast and strategic trading advices. During trial you will be able to view intra-day trend forecast of any three pairs displayed at random.

The 24-hrs forecast based trend chart gives the expected trend for day during the three different sessions -Japanese, European and US.

Intra-day forecast(USD/CHF - 08th Jun)
USD will become strong against other majors. USD/CHF will gradually become strong - Long term upward phase.
Early trading Hrs, USD/CHF will be firm and volatility expected, will become moderate during late GMT trading Hrs. USD/CHF shows support at 1.2368 closing will be moderate.

spot- trade- clues
Sell USD/CHF during 09:00-10:00 GMT trading Hrs above 1.2537 level and buy USD/CHF during 23:00-24:00 GMT trading Hrs below 1.2368 level

Trade Signal - Trend and Timings
Trend for the day: Swings till GMT 13:30 Hrs and downward till day end with intermediary swing of 40-50 Pips

Buy/Sell Time level/limit Stop

Buy 02:30 PM 22-26 pips below

Sell 09:30 PM

Sell 09:30 PM 22-26 pips above

Buy 14:30 PM

Sell 14:30 PM 22-26 pips above

Buy 23:00 PM

Time - GMT Hrs , PM- Prevailing Market
Levels: Become our dealer member to get session wise buy/sell levels
Trading Strategy: If stop is triggered, use it as opposite position and trade separately as hedging or use double stop. Ask us for more strategic trading to become a professional trader
Switch: If you are caught with unfavorable position, contact us for forecast based trading solution to come out with profit in every trade.


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